Wispering Shrike

Unidentified, broken, weilded by Manakishino

weapon (melee)

A wakizashi of incredibly beautiful design. The sword is etched with images of seven shrikes perched on a coiling branch that runs the length of the blade. The blade’s tsuka (hilt) has not weathered time as well as the blade itself. Until the blade is repaired the weilder takes a minus two on all attacks due to loose grip.Repairing the blade will take 600gp, a days work, and a DC 20 Craft Weapons check. The party found a letter hidden in the hilt of the sword written by Rokuru Kaijitsu to Lonjiku Kaijitsu, Ameiko Kaijitsu’s father. The weapon is currently unidentified,broken, and weilded by Manakashino.
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Wispering Shrike

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