Building Relationships

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As the Jade Regent adventure path progresses your characters will be given many opportunities to build relationships with NPCs such as Amieko Kaijitsu, Koya Mvashti, Sandru Vhiski, Shalelu Andosana and other NPCs that you will meet later on as the adventure continues. Building relationships with NPCs can grant a couple of advantages, the most immidiate one would be extra xp. You can must whether or not you want it to be freindly or competitve. Some events can instantly change your relationship from freindly to competitive or the other way around. The GM will tell you whether or not you can build a relationship with that NPC. All NPCs are considered bisexual only for purposes of relationships and romances.

If you are interested in building a relationship with a NPC just tell the GM out loud or in private and write down somewhere on your character sheet what your current relationship score with that NPC is and whether it is competitive or freindly. your relationship score with an NPC starts off equal to your charisma modifier, which can go up if you improve your charisma, temporary effects like charisma damage or spells that improve your charisma won’t have any effect on your relationship score. There are other things you can do in game and out to improve your relationship score with an NPC. If you have a campain trait that relates you to an NPC you can gain a one time +4 bonus to your relationship score with that NPC. Whenever you level up while that NPC is still active in the campaign you can gain a +1 to your relationship score with an NPC. You can give gifts or insults to NPCs that will give you a +1 to your relationship score with them. Each NPC has three gift or insult categories that the PCs can use to improve their relationships. The GM will tell you one of each category for each NPC. You can only attempt to give a gift or an insult to improve your relationship score once per character level. When you think you have the right type of gift or insult you can try to deliver with a diplomacy or intimidate check. The price of the gift does not matter. If you roleplay it well the GM will give you a +4 bonus to the check, likewise if you roleplay poorly you will take a -4 penalty to the check. The DC of the check is equal to your current relationship level with that NPC. If you exceed the DC by 10 or more you gain 2 points instead of 1. And finally their are certain events in the adventure that can give you bonuses to your relationship score.

As your relationship score increases so does your relationship level.

  • 5 or less it is an association
  • 6 to 11 is a friendship or a competition
  • 12 to 30 is a fellowship or a rivalry
  • 31 and up is a devotion or a emnity
    An association is when you know each other but not really well enough to have an oppinion. A friendship or a competition is when you are a good freind or a kown competitor, the first time you reach this level you gain 400xp if you gain this level with another NPC afterwards you only gain 200xp. If it is an fellowship or a rivalry you are deeply tied with the NPC either through deep mutual respect or admiration or through a strong sense of conflict or competition. As long as the NPC is alive you gain +1 on all charisma based checks, the first time you reach this level you gain 1200xp any time after you gain 600xp. If devotion or emnity you are either devoted to one another or actively opposed. If you reach this level with an NPC and you also have trait related to this NPC the bonus granted by the trait doubles. The first time you reach this level with an NPC you gain 3200xp any time after you gain 1600xp. When you reach this level with an NPC you gain a boon that is active as long as the NPC is still active and alive in the campain. You can only gain xp bonuses from an NPC once.

It is possible to take you relationship to the next level by stating a romance. Each NPC has a romance score known only to the GM. Before you can even begin a romance your relationship score must equal or exceed the NPCs romance score. Once per character level you may attempt a sense motive check to see if that character is interested in a romance with you. DC equal to the NPC’s romance score.If the NPC is interested you may attempt a diplomacy check to begin the romance.DC equal 10 + the NPC’s level + charisma modifier. The romance ends if you relationship score ever drops below the NPCs romance score. Every time the romance ends the NPCs romance score goes up 5 points(which makes it harder for anyone to start a romance with that person). It is possible to have more than one romance at a time but it will be difficult and is not recomended.

A PC and NPC with a competitive relationship can still have a romance it’s just harder to begin. If the PC makes their diplomacy check to begin the romance their relationship automatically changes from competitive to friendly.

Romances don’t grant any in game bonuses but they can provide extra complications, oppurtunities, or dangers.
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