Campaign Rules

AsmodeusAlright, first off, you can use any of the core races and almost all of the featured races. Nothing goblinoid or orcish(with the exception of Half-Orcs) no Kobolds, Dhampirs, Fetchlings, or Drow elves any other evil races or mostly evil races I may have left out are also not allowed. The only uncommon races you can use are Changelings, Kitsune, and Sulis. Before you choose to play a featured or uncommon race just know that people will treat you differently, and its possible, not likely, but possible you could be blamed or accused of weird happenings. You will also probably be forced to roleplay a little more. Not to discourage you from playing what you want, just giving you a heads up that’s probably what is likely to happen.

Your character starts off with a 20 point buy, you can either role for your starting wealth or choose the average, it’s different for every class. Traits like rich parents, coin hoarder, or similar ones that increase your starting wealth, are not allowed. You may use any of the classes with the exception of the Gunslinger and Anti-Paladin. You may use all of the archetypes with the exceptions of the Summoner Synthesist or any of the archetypes from Ultimate Magic/Combat that allow the use of guns. Dinosaur animal companions, cool as they may be, are also a little bit ridiculous and so are not not allowed. Also just so you know, if you have an animal companion like a bear or another similar creature, townsfolk probably won’t be to happy if you bring it into town. It doesn’t mean you can’t though.;)

You need to have a back story that explains why you are the way you are today, how you came to be what you are (as far as classes go), how you ended up where you ended are(why are you in town). Your back stories can be as simple or as complicated as you want. If you want me to write something up for you, I can do that. I would like to make some sort of side adventures centered around your character, a back story could really help with that. Please make it realistic as far as D&D goes, so the possibilities are almost endless.

Evil aligned characters; I will allow them so long as they follow by the following guidelines:
1. You cannot purposefully kill any party members or do anything to set them up to die. No purposefully undermining the party unless your hiding something about your past or another good reason. You must work with the party for the same general goal. Basically, don’t betray the party anymore than a non-evil rogue would.
2. You must be either lawful or neutral evil. If neutral you must have your own set of moral codes or guidelines that your character would never break.
3. No evil clerics or anti-paladins.
4. No being a part of or creating evil organization devoted to the pain and suffering of others, taking over, or destroying the world.
5. No raping or other gross stuff like that.
6. No going on killing sprees or killing someone for a random reason.
7. No doing things that would generally be considered chaotic evil, however there might be exceptions in special cases. There must be a reason in your characters back story for them to be evil.

Though your character is working towards the same general goal as the rest of the party, they may still have side motives like revenge on someone for killing a loved one or something like that. Beware of paladins and inquisitors with alignment detecting abilities. Remember you probably don’t want the party to know your evil. It might also be good idea to not let any of the players know your evil either. F.Y.I. I won’t force assassins to be evil. I must know that you playing a evil character. If I feel you are breaking the rules or being too evil and ruining the game, I might have to ban evil characters. I hope I don’t have to though.
Alright, other stuff, I probably won’t allow to detect evil on most NPCs just because it might ruin a big plot twist. Detecting evil on players is ok, but you would have to have a reason for it.

Just so you know, I am doing hero points.

Always remember to be courteous and mindful of those around you. And the most important rule of all, have fun. I hope I haven’t left anything out. Sorry if I was a party pooper or bored you to death, I just want the game to be fun and fair.:)

This is by no means a rule, you can play whatever you want (except for those classes and archetypes mentioned above). This campaign has a ton of eastern things in it (with some vikings and Ulfen things thrown in). I would be thrilled if someone decided to play a ninja, a samurai, or a monk because they would fit in really well with the campaign. Viking like characters would also fit in well. Another reason to play a more eastern class is that a lot of the magical items in the book are eastern.

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