The Adventure So Far

Recently goblins have aquired a large sum of fireworks. Having the fireworks has bolsted their courage. They are becoming more and more brave with every passing day. The Gonlin Raids have led to several people getting seriously injured. Their presence threatens the safety of travelers, merchants, and the like. To encourage the hunting of these foul creatures Sheriff Belor Hemlock has reconstituted the gblin bounty, 10gp for every relatively fresh goblin ear and a 300gp for the head of the goblin cheif.

Bai Xun a Tien human archer and Manakashino a half orc samurai both met in town hall asking for more information about the bounty on the Goblins. They decided to team up and made preperations to travel to Brinestump Marsh where the Goblins lived. Sherrif Belor Hemlock told them to go and see the self appointed warden of Brinestump a halfling ranger named Waltus. Perilous as the journey was Manakishino and his horse managed to get to walthus’s shack without being seriously hurt while carrying the unconscious body of Bai Xun. Upon arrival at his shack Walthus tried to get the PCs to leave, the samurai growing more and more suspicious of the halflings behavior and hearing something moving up stairs forced the halfling upstairs and demanded to know what was going on. Before Walthus reached the upstairs bedroom door another Waltus poked his head out of the door. At that point the first Walthus gave up his deception and reverted back to his original form as a faceless stalker. The Halfling and the Sammurai slew the faceless stalker easily. As a thankyou Walthus gave the PCs six potions of curelight wounds and a small sized cloak of resistance +1. When asked he told the PCs where the Goblins were and even accompanied them to the camp. They found the fort with the front gates smashed down. They slaughtered all of the Goblins easily except for the cheif and his small crew whom they couldn’t seem to hit. Luckily the PCs weren’t being hit either except for the horse who got put down twice by the Cheif. In the end the PCs won and found some treasure. Among the treasure was a poorly drawn map. The PCs went back to town leaving the Walthus to figure the map out. When they came back they followed the map to a cave in the swamp and along the way unjustfuly slew my monsters. In the cave they found more monsters, almost all skeletons, and slew them. At the very back of the cave they found a skeletal champion samurai whom beat Manakashino to within a inch of his life though in the end they still won. They found a bronze key around the skeletons neck that went to a treasure chest in the back of the room. They opened the chest and found some potions, of what they don’t know. The rest of the treasure consisted of fierworks, a ring, a wand, a masterwork chain shirt, a masterwork wakizashi made of a strange metal, some gold, silver, and some fine jewelry. The skeletal champion had a magical wakizashi with a broken hilt inside the hilt was a note from Rokuro Kaijitsu to Lonjiku Kaijitsu, they know that Ameiko’s last name is Kaijitsu, but they still don’t know whether they will show it to her yet or go to Brinewall castle themselves.Rokuro’s Letter

They decided not to show Ameiko the note or tell her anything about Brinewall Castle, though they did ask questions which she was not able to help out with. They went around town, doing research, looking for old maps,and searching for someone that could direct them to Brinewall. While they were in town Bai-Xun met Zeke a halfling who was trying to pick his pocket. They found A man named Sandru who could take them to Brinewall, however Sandru said he needed a few days to get a caravan organized. Early in the morning before dawns first light they met Sandru who by now had organized a caravan. To their suprise Ameiko was sitting in one of the wagons wraped in a blanket, evidently she was one of the people he asked to join. The journey to Brinewall castle took a little over two weeks. Two days walk away from Brinewall Sandru left the PCs, Ameiko, Shelelu, and Koya to walk the to Brinewall while his caravan rested, resupplied, and traded. Sandru and his caravan were schelduled to go back to Brinewall in in five days to pick them up. As they approached Brinewall Ameiko got weaker and weaker but merely assumed it was the strain from the trip. Just as Brinewall could be seen from the road resting on a hill over the tree tops Ameiko collapsed. Koya was able to conclude she was that she was in a magically induced coma but couldn’t determine the cause.(possesion, curse, ect.) The PCs scoped out the town to make sure it was safe. Suprisingly, they found the town deserted, with the exception of two Reefclaws that were feeding on the carcass of a River Drake. Anything of value that might have been inside one these sagging houses was long gone. The only thing that stood out was a newer and not so rotten broken in half longboat that had been carved by larged claws and heavily damaged by what looked like electrical attacks They went back to the road outside town where they told Koya and Shelelu to wait with Amieko and took them to a light house where they would continue to wait and gaurd Amieko while they scoped out the castle. They decided to go through the front gate where they found large rotten oak doors hanging on their hinges, killed two sleeping dire corbies then went up to roof of the gate house and killed three more dire corbies before they could set off the alarm.

The PCs went back down into the courtyard killed the things that were there then went into the throne room of the castle where they found a red skinned tian man with white hair and a very long nose trying to conduct a play with four of his dire corbie body gaurds. they slew four of the dire corbies. The Tian man didnt seem to care, he laughed and demension doored away. The PCs found him pretty soon afterwards in the top floor of a balcony. This time the tian man was in his true form which was much like a Tengu with raven wings. In short they slew him but were pretty badly injured themselves. Pretty much all of the battles in the castle were short and ended with the PCs slaying their opponents, all of the battles except these. The battle with the Dire corbie preistess whom slew Bai-Xun. The battle with Kikonu whom was the red skinned Tian man/Tengu with wings. The battle with the Wraith which gave them some trouble. And the battle with the Nindinzego a Decapus living in the dugeon. All of the other enemies that were found in that castle were ogrekin, troglodytes, dire corbies. Some of the more unusual creatures living or existing in the castle were an Attic Whisperer, a Harpy Oracle named Zaiobe with whom the PCs ended up forming an uneasy alliance, an Giant Toe Bitter, a Mobat, a Wight, and a sadist quicking who preserved the bodies of elves and humans and used them as manikins. After killing the Wraith, whom was Rokuro Kaijutsu Amieko’s grandfather, they found the secret third vault under Brinewall Castle which contained three darkwood chests. The chests on the left and right side contained a +1 Katana, three scrolls of restoration, one scroll of ressurection, mythral chainmail, a wand of Burning Hands, and a small Cloak of Elvenkind. In the center chest which practically popped open on its own the second it was touched. Inside was a decorative box that contained the Amatatsu seal. When they opened the box that everyone in the room which was Manakashino, Zeke, and Zaiobe blacked out and in the span of a few heartbeats experienced a blur of visions. The first was of an army of Red skinned people with burning eyes and weilding strange armor and weapons that the Sammurai identified as Eastern styled weapons and armor charging out of a forest and ivading Minkai. The second was of an emperer standing over a simple well with his freind, suddenly his freind grew to three times his size and was sheathed in a frightening suit of jade armor and struck his freind down and held his blood bathed sword high in triumph. The third was of Tsutoku Amatatsu (Rokuro Kaijutsu) selling Sushien to a Ulfen merchant named Fynn Schnaevald in Kalsgard. And the final vision was of Ameiko waking from her deep sleep not in her common garb though, in the finery of a empress, and cradled in the arms of a jade throne. From that last vision the PCs gain that Ameiko is the last heir to the throne of Minkai. They Amatasu Seal imparted the knowledge of all of its abillities to the PCs, which were that it can The PCs woke from their four and a half second blackout, went back up to the castle, and made their way to the dungeon.

Slaying the inhabitants of the firt couple of rooms in the dungeon was easy. Soon they found their way to a room with prison cells. In one of the cells was a quiet Ulfen woman with blond hair, facial tatoos, and dressed in rags. In another their was a Aasimar man also in rags. They killed everything with relative ease, except when they fought he Decapus, was a little bit harder, but they succeeded. As they departed the castle Zaiobe left the group to go back to her tower and the PCs found Ameiko, Shelelu, and Koya finishing off a giant spider and an Ettercap in the courtyard. Amieko recounted her visions just before she woke in the old lighthouse on a moldy mattress. They burned the body of Bai Xun in the graveyard where they became familier with Spivey. Though the PCs wanted to stay at Brinewall to fix it up and turn it into their keep, they decided it would be best to deal with the more important matters. Such as finding Sushien, protecting Ameiko and themselves from the Five Storms. So they asked Kelda(the Ulfen lady) if she would be the Gaurds Captain of the town while they were out, her answer was maybe if she could get some people from her tribe to come with her. Then after detecting alignment on Zaiobe, which came out as CN, they asked her to look after the castle and to make sure the people cleaned and rebuilt the castle (which she would do by leaving notes or expressing her orders through Kelda when she came back.) After getting all of that out of the way and waiting another day for Sandru to return they went back to the town closest to Brinewall to find labor which after making some high Diplomacy checks to convince people that the castle was no longer haunted. They also said that anyone who helped fix the town could choose to live in any of the houses or living quarters that they wanted and that they must stay out of all of the towers (that way they won’t run into Zaiobe.) The road to Kalsgard was long and boring. The only thing that stood out to the PCs was a much larger than normal black raven with a blood red feather that seemed to be watching them; after asking someone from a caravan they found out that Blood feather Raven was a bad Omen. During the night while the PCs were scouting ahead for the caravan they were attacked by Ulfen raiders all of which had a gold arm ring with a lions head on it.
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